Monday, June 19, 2006



The comfortghan, which I made into a pillowghan, has been finished and delivered to Cindi. She was very touched by it. Thank you everyone who contributed squares. Each of you have been mentioned on this blog.

Thank you, Gracie!

I did receive a 14th square, however, which I hadn't acknowledged here yet, so please let me do that. Gracie Ogle sent this beautiful teal and brown square. Thank you so much, Gracie!

And Babsie and Glor, thank you for the totes you made. Babsie, I think the one you sent is still sightseeing on its trip around the world. Thank you, Glor, for jumping in with another one. I forgot to get a picture of it, but thank you!

And here is the comfortghan/pillowghan completed!

And here it is folded up into a pillow, back and front!

I think it turned out really lovely, as does hubby. He wanted to keep it! But then he's wanted to keep each one I've assembled. Do you think I should make my hubby an afghan with 12" squares?.....

Saturday, June 03, 2006



Thank you, Marianne! Today's mail brought a sweet surprise! Last week Marianne Lang sent two squares for Cindi's comfortghan that I am assembling and she had attached this cute little heart-shaped charm that read "Made with Love" on the squares. I commented how cute these were and that I was going to have to get some of them, too. Well, without even telling me she was planning this, Marianne sent me a whole package of them! How excited I was when I opened the weighty envelope, curious as to what she could possibly be sending to me, only to discover a package of these cute little charms!

Thank you so much, Marianne! How sweet of you! You've definitely put a smile on my face.

Friday, June 02, 2006



Thank you to Tina P. and Kate S. for their squares today!

Kate Sites sent this beautiful turquoise square. Thank you, Kate! It blends perfectly! I also found your personal note to Cindi and will be sure to pass that along with the comfortghan.

Tina Pryst sent these 3 chocolate brown squares which really go well with the turqoise squares. Thank you, Tina! And thank you, too, for the postcard! What a BLUE sky Colorado Springs, CO enjoys!

I only received one square over the normal 12, so I'm thinking of still using that 13th square and using it creatively by making a afghan that can be folded up into a pillow. I need to refresh myself on the technique and then I'll give it a try. I just hate not to use ALL of the squares that you fine donors contributed!!!

I'll, of course, let you all see the result after it's finished!

Tuesday, May 30, 2006



Today's mail brought two more beautiful squares for Cindi's comfortghan!

Square #8 is from Carolanne Perez.
Square #9 is from Mary Carroll.

Thank you, Mary and Carolanne! Your squares will be lovely additions to this comfortghan.

And with these two squares, and three which Tina has made and is mailing, this comfortghan can now be assembled! Thank you everyone for your caring touch and thoughts and prayers towards Cindi. I cannot wait to show you the end result!

Stay tuned!

Saturday, May 27, 2006



In three days I have received seven (7) squares for Cindi's comfortghan! Thank you, ladies! Here are pictures of the squares.

#1 - Kathie Stamps

Square #1 was crocheted by Kathie Stamps.

#2 - Kat Benz

Square #2 was crocheted by Kat Benz.

#3 - Paula Pinchevsky

Square #3 was crocheted by Paula Pinchevsky.

 'Hand made with love' charm

Paula also attached this adorable charm to her tag, heart-shaped that read "Hand made with love". Isn't that charming?

#4 - Janet Guru

Square #4 was crocheted by Janet Guru.

#5 - Janet Guru

Square #5 was also crocheted by Janet Guru.

#6 - Marianne Lang

Square #6 was crocheted by Marianne Lang.

#7 - Marianne Lang

Square #7 was also crocheted by Marianne Lang.

Adorable heart-shaped charm
Like Paula above, Marianne attached small heart-shaped charms to her tags which read "Made with love". I must get me some of these charms. They are such a sweet touch to these squares.



In order to set apart this comfortghan project I have chosen to make, I have created a blog just for it and any other comfortghans I assemble through Heartmade Blessings.

Currently, I am working on a comfortghan for my neighbor and good friend, Cindi. On Tuesday, May 16th, her 24 year old daughter was found dead in her car which had run off the road hours before. It is believed that she might have died before the accident and not as a result of the accident.

Many people who have lost a child can attest that it is an awful thing to go through. I have not personally experienced such a loss, and feel totally helpless in comforting my friend. I don't know what she needs. All I've been able to do is just "be there", listen to her, check in on her, etc. But I want to DO something! So having been a member of Heartmade Blessings for several years, I thought of making a "comfortghan" for her. Therefore, I sounded the call for 12" squares in shades of turquoise and brown, colors that Cindi likes. And this blog shall be the showcase of the love and caring sent out to Cindi in her time of grief. In this small way, I hope that Cindi discovers that there are others who care about her, some having gone through what she is experiencing, and that even strangers can care enough to reach out to her in love.

This is for you, Cindi.

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