Saturday, May 27, 2006



In three days I have received seven (7) squares for Cindi's comfortghan! Thank you, ladies! Here are pictures of the squares.

#1 - Kathie Stamps

Square #1 was crocheted by Kathie Stamps.

#2 - Kat Benz

Square #2 was crocheted by Kat Benz.

#3 - Paula Pinchevsky

Square #3 was crocheted by Paula Pinchevsky.

 'Hand made with love' charm

Paula also attached this adorable charm to her tag, heart-shaped that read "Hand made with love". Isn't that charming?

#4 - Janet Guru

Square #4 was crocheted by Janet Guru.

#5 - Janet Guru

Square #5 was also crocheted by Janet Guru.

#6 - Marianne Lang

Square #6 was crocheted by Marianne Lang.

#7 - Marianne Lang

Square #7 was also crocheted by Marianne Lang.

Adorable heart-shaped charm
Like Paula above, Marianne attached small heart-shaped charms to her tags which read "Made with love". I must get me some of these charms. They are such a sweet touch to these squares.

All the squares look wonderful! I have three to mail out to you as well. Just need to get up to the post office (tomorrow) and do it. What a wonderful thing to do for someone, so they know you care.
Thank you, Tina! I will certainly let you know when they arrive. Yes, I'm hoping this will bring much comfort to Cindi. Thank you for your touch to this endeavor! :)
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